Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Essay #78: In loving memory

"In our grief, we know that death must be liar, when no goodbye is ever good enough."
-Jason Gray

 Rachel Hecker Kirchner, 8/3/1983-1/24/2011

My dear friend Rachel went to be with the Lord yesterday after a nine-month battle with cancer. Rachel was an amazing woman filled with life, love, laughter, and joy. We lived together while I was in grad school and she was finishing her bachelor's degree, and she was the sunshine of our house, always warm and welcoming. I will always cherish her friendship.

I had the immense honor to photograph Rachel's wedding to her husband Matt. My favorite shots from their wedding are actually not the pretty portraits that I gave to the couple on the CD, but all the tiny, sparkling moments that are just so very Rachel.

Rachel was also an amazing woman of faith, with great confidence in the God she loved. To read more about her prayer-filled journey with cancer, please visit her blog, For the Warriors.

"As I wander the streets of gold,
Talk to all the friends I've known
We'll go adore the Master King
Then, only then, I'll be breathing in."


  1. beautiful post, Liz. I am sure Rachel would be honored. I am sorry for your loss. It does not seem fair, or right or anything. Death is just awful.

  2. Thank you, Laura. Please be praying for Rachel's family, especially her husband and baby daughter.